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Customized Wooden Puzzles | Laser Engraving

We are often asked, "Can your wooden puzzles be personalized?"  The answer is a resounding YES!  We specialize in fast and affordable laser engraving!  Most of our wooden puzzles and games are suitable for laser personalization.  CLICK HERE to see some of our best recommendations!

In addition to being special family gifts that will be treasured for years, our wooden puzzles are excellent for use as marketing tools and promotional items, too! Customized wooden puzzles are perfect for use as a company gift for those deserving employees or special customers!  Please allow us to help you select the best wooden puzzle or game to fit your business goals and your budget.

We at have our own in-house laser etching/laser engraving machine in order to provide high quality customizing of our wooden puzzles, brainteasers, and games for our customers. Our turn-around is very fast and pricing for laser engraving is incredibly affordable!

Can any puzzle be laser engraved?

Well, nearly any puzzle can be laser engraved.  One of the most important considerations when choosing which wooden puzzle to laser engrave is that adequate flat surface area be available in order to hold your logo art and/or message.

Some of our very small wooden puzzles (like the wooden key chain puzzles) are not practical for laser etching. Spherical or heavily contoured wooden puzzles (like the Dragon's Egg, Soccer Balls, and Footballs) are not ideal candidates for laser engraving either. Curved surfaces present focus challenges as the surface arcs away from the laser lens. Laser etching on curved surfaces is typically less than satisfactory. For this reason, we always suggest wooden puzzles that have a good flat work surface.

How long does laser engraving take?

Since we have our own in-house laser, we are able to turn around most projects within 24 hours!  Our customers are continually amazed how we are able to complete their project with little or no impact on delivery time. Even large corporate orders are completed within days - not weeks!

What can be laser engraved on wooden puzzles?

One of the more common laser engraving requests is that of some type of message to a gift recipient. "Happy Holidays from the Smiths!", "Happy Father's Day, Dad!", "Happy Birthday, Mom!", etc. are all examples of common messages that can be laser etched on most wooden puzzles.  These simple text messages are not only a super nice touch, but they are surprisingly affordable, too!

Company logos, corporate slogans, seminar themes, and event messages can all be laser etched on our wooden products, too!  Laser engraving actually burns into the wood following a path or pattern that we create using a computer program called Corel Draw. We can layout your project using nearly any font/orientation/etc. that you desire as long as it fits within the available surface area of the puzzle. Detailed company logos are easily laser engraved, too! We simply require that you supply us with your artwork in black/white 300 DPI. Most any major graphic file format is acceptable.

So, what's it gonna cost me?

The fee for laser engraving services are determined in part by how much time is required to prepare your artwork for laser etching as well as the cycle time on the laser machine to complete your project. The benefit of having our own laser machine in-house is that much of the elevated costs associated with the common practice of "farming out" jobs to third party customizing companies is eliminated.  Also, we schedule your job to meet your delivery requirements.  We are not at the mercy of any third party.  In addition, we can assure you that the work is of the highest quality!  After all - it's our work! 

We are committed to offering high quality laser engraving services to our customers at a level of investment much lower than commercially available. Unlike so many other laser shops, we don't charge a separate set-up fee.  We can laser etch as few as 1 or 2 pieces at a very reasonable fee for service!  Certainly, as the number of pieces to be laser engraved increases, the lasering service fee per item decreases. But, our average laser engraving job is for those customers who want to make an already special something just a bit more special!

If you would like to discuss a project or have additional questions, please contact us via EMAIL or by calling our Customer Service line: 704-898-5357. 


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