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Yoshimoto Cube No. 1

Frik-n-Frak recently obtained a VERY limited number of these incredible Yoshimoto Cube No. 1 puzzles and made several available through a super fun "Dutch Auction" style sale.

Although the auctions are now over, there is a chance that a cube will surface from time to time HERE!  If you are allowed to place the item in your cart... it's available!

The Yoshimoto Cube No. 1 consists of eight interconnected cubes that can be opened in endless ways, but form a single cube when linked together. Furthermore, the cube can be divided into two cubes that can be transformed into two rhombuses with twelve faces each. "...a transformation of two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons from a cube.

In 1971, creator Naoki Yoshimoto conceived of a peculiar polyhedral dyad.

Click image above for more pictures.

The Yoshimoto Cube was featured in 1982 in the New York Museum of Modern Art collection. It was subsequently copied in Taiwan and sold in the 1980s as "SHINSEI MYSTERY" in bright colors rather than gold and silver of the original as we have here.

This is the original silver and gold Japanese design, not the cheaper Taiwanese version. Handmade by the artist himself, Naoki Yoshimoto.

Sadly, Mr. Yoshimoto has passed away and availability of this intriguing object is incredibly limited!

Yoshimoto Cube No. 1
"Dutch Auction" #7 is LIVE NOW!

Good Luck!
Click images above to view more pictures!

Yoshimoto Cube No. 1
Any available??



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