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Tucker-Jones House, Inc. manufacture the most popular and extensive line of Iron Disentanglement Puzzles on the market today! Each of their metal Tavern Puzzles is of the highest quality and offers the Puzzler a unique challenge. There are four levels of varying difficulty in the Tavern Puzzle line up - Starting with Simple Tavern Puzzles (traditional and familiar) to the Complex Tavern Puzzles (layered and very involved). All Tavern Puzzles are expertly handcrafted and offer a fun and educational experience.

Check out "BEST EVER" - The NEW 2008 Tavern Puzzle!

The latest and greatest Tavern Puzzle from the Tucker-Jones House is perhaps the BEST EVER!!

Just when you think there's NO WAY that it can get any better, Dennis Sucilsky (the blacksmith) comes along and creates another masterpiece! This one may just be his Best Ever! Think you can beat this newest Tavern Puzzle? We'll give you a helping hand...

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Just apply Discount Code : FNFBESTEVER to your cart prior to checkout and your discount will be applied. This offer only applies to the New BEST EVER Tavern Puzzle.

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BEST EVER! The NEWEST addition to the Tavern Puzzle collection!

  Basic Tavern Puzzles Basic Tavern Puzzles
The basic level designs are often traditional and familiar. With fewer steps, this level of Tavern Puzzle can look easy. However, looking easy is not the same as being easy. Basic solving concepts can be learned while moving through the basic Tavern Puzzle level. The solutions are straight-forward and readily understood, ideal for demonstration. They are excellent entertainment at parties, and good for novices.
  Intermediate Tavern Puzzles Intermediate Tavern Puzzles
Intermediate level designs have more steps added; these are about twice as difficult as the simple level. This group can be used as a starting point for learning solving concepts, as well as the simple designs.
  Difficult Tavern Puzzles Difficult Tavern Puzzles
Difficult puzzles are very popular because they present a challenge to experienced puzzle solvers, but are more social than the very difficult group. Solving concepts become "layered", and can involve sequential moves.
  Complex Tavern Puzzles Complex Tavern Puzzles
The Complex category designs are characterized by a large number of moves in the solution. Additionally, these designs can also have many 'false' moves that do not have anything to do with the solution. False moves must be undone before the correct solution can be followed. Concepts learned at other levels are combined in the complex level. Experience recommended.
  Tavern Puzzle Accessories Tavern Puzzle Accessories
Tavern Puzzle Accessories for displaying your favorite puzzles or your entire Tavern Puzzle collection. Includes Wood and Forged Base Tavern Puzzle Display Stands, Carousels and the wall mounted Puzzle Perch!
  Tavern Puzzle Boxed Sets Tavern Puzzle Boxed Sets
A perfect, cost effective way to begin or add to your Tavern Puzzle collection! Each set includes 4 different Tavern Puzzles, and a 4-hook Tavern Puzzle Perch. All sets are $75.00 each.

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