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Tavern Puzzle Value Packs

Along with an improved aide in selecting Tavern puzzles by difficulty, ALL of these Tavern Puzzle groups can be purchased as heavily discounted "Value Packs!"
There are eight Tavern Puzzle "Value Pack" groups from which to choose. Tavern Puzzles are rated for difficulty relative to designs within the Tavern Puzzle Collection only. Generally, the less steps needed to solve the puzzle, the simpler it is. But keep in mind that "simple" is not always synonymous with "easy" and difficulty is often a matter of perspective!

BEST EVER - the newest Tavern Puzzle for 2008, is now included in Value Pack #6!
Tavern Puzzles - Value Pack #1 Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #1
Reproductions of antique designs with only a few steps needed to arrive at the puzzle solution - friendly and familiar. This is a perfect grouping of Tavern Puzzles for the beginning puzzler!

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Tavern Puzzles - Discounted Value Pack #2! Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #2
Original Tucker-Jones designs, conceived and created by Dennis Sucilsky - the Blacksmith. They are relatively simple designs with only a few steps to master. Fun and easy to learn!

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Discount Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #3 Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #3
A bit more complex! Although these Tavern Puzzles require multiple steps to solve, they are straightforward, making them easy to teach and share. Great for classrooms, seminars and get-togethers!

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Tavern Puzzles Discount Price Value Pack #4 Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #4
Multiple steps and the moves are more interactive. These Tavern Puzzles are some of the most enjoyable to demonstrate if you know how to manipulate them!

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Buy Tavern Puzzles at deep discounts! Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #5
These Tavern Puzzles require multi-step sequences with close tolerances. More perseverance than luck is needed!

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Low Prices on Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #6! Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #6
These Tavern Puzzles start getting quite difficult! Be wary of false steps in the layered solutions in this group! For intermediate to advanced puzzlers and collectors!

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BEST pricing on Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #7! Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #7
This group will require a lot of concentration! These Tavern Puzzles have a large number of moves and are made even more challenging by their flexible chains. For advanced puzzlers and true collectors!

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Tavern Puzzles Value Pack #8 Tavern Puzzle Value Pack #8
This Tavern Puzzle Value Pack contains two of the most difficult Tavern Puzzles (Sneaky Pete and Freedom's Ring) plus a reproduction of one of the oldest known puzzles in the world! The solutions are layered and involved! For seasoned puzzle enthusiasts and real collectors!

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